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MANSORY presents a complete conversion on the basis of the Audi RSQ8 in a deep black paint with red decorative stripes, interior design in leather/Alcantara in black/red,









power increase to 780 PS and 1.000 Nm, performance: 0-100 km/h in 3.3 s and Vmax: 320 km/h even with 24inch fully forged wheels. CO2 emissions (combined): 325 g/km, fuel consumption (combined): 14,1 l/100km

功率增加到780 PS和1.000 Nm,性能:0-100 km / h,而在3.3 s内最大速度:可达到320 km / h,24英寸完全锻造的车轮。二氧化碳排放量:325克/公里,燃油消耗:14.1公升/ 100公里